Handel und Haydn in London

As an artist and person George Frideric Handel was without doubt a cosmopolitan. Born in Halle, his first stop was Hamburg before a stay of several years in Italy, where he was introduced to many Italian composers and their Italian way of doing things. Having learned his trade, he then, after a brief stop in Hannover, made his way to London where he remained for the rest of his life, having found a place that satisfied his artistic needs; indeed, the English still consider him their own composer today.

In contrast, Joseph Haydn spent the majority of his life in the small residence of Duke Nikolaus von Esterhazy and only under his successor was it possible for Haydn to leave this comparatively small world and make Vienna the centre of his life. On the basis of his ideology, his eye for greater connections and his orientation towards a musical language for the whole world, Haydn was a cosmopolitan par excellence as well.

This programme combines works from both these European artists, which despite their small-scale design still represent a typical example for the language of these great masters. All the works on the programme were composed in London, the largest city in Europe in the eighteenth century.


Joseph Haydn (1732 - 1809) London Trio in C major
for 2 traverse flutes and continuo
Allegro moderato – Andante – Finale, Vivace
George Frideric Handel (1685 - 1759) Suite G minor (1720)
for harpsichord
Ouverture – Andante – Allegro – Sarabande – Gigue - Passacaille
George Frideric Handel Sonata in D major
for traverse flute and continuo
Larghetto – Andante – Largo – Allegro – Presto
George Frideric Handel Sonata in D minor
for recorder and continuo
Largo – Vivace – Furioso – Alla Breve – Andante – A Tempo di Minuet
· Interval ·
Joseph Haydn London Trio in G major
for 2 traverse flutes and continuo
Andante con variazioni – Allegro
George Frideric Handel Sonata in G minor
for Viola da gamba and continuo
Andante Larghetto – Allegro – Adagio – Allegro
Joseph Haydn London Trio in G major
for 2 traverse flutes and continuo
Spiritoso – Andante – Allegro

Cologne Camerata - Camerata K๖ln

Michael Schneider Recorder, traverse flute
Karl Kaiser Traverse flute
Rainer Zipperling Viola da gamba
Sabine Bauer Harpsichord

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