Joseph Haydn (1732 - 1809)

The London Trios

London Trios Hob. IV:1-4
Trios Hob. XV:15-17

Karl Kaiser, Transverse flute
Michael Schneider, Transverse flute
Rainer Zipperling, violoncello
Julianne Borsodi, violoncello
Sabine Bauer, fortepiano

jpc Best.Nr. 630 51 29

Ignaz Holzbauer (1711 - 1783)

Chamber Works

Quintet in B flat major No. 2 for fortepiano, flute, violin, viola and violoncello
Sinfonia à 3 in G major for two violins and B.c.
Divertimento à 3 in D major for flute, violin, double bass and guitar
Quintet in G major No. 1 for fortepiano, flute, violin, viola and violoncello

Sabine Bauer, Fortepiano / Harpsichord
Karl Kaiser, Transverse flute
Sabine Lier / Ingeborg Scheerer, Violin
Rainer Zipperling, Violoncello / Violone
Yasunori Imamura, Baroque Guitar

cpo 999 580-2

A wide stylistic range. The CAMERATA plays with brilliant gusto, witteness and feeling. The instrumental balance is excellent, and it´s sound gives the impression of flowing naturally and transparently. A very instructive booklet.FonoForum 2/99

Georg Philipp Telemann (1681 - 1767)

Concerts & Suites 1734

6 Concerts for harpsichord, transverse flute and basso continuo, 6 Suites for violin, transverse flute and basso continuo

Concerto I TWV 42:D6 - Suite I TWV 42:G4
Concerto II TWV 42:g2 - Suite II TWV 42:B2

Concerto III TWV 42:A3 - Suite III TWV 42:h2
Concerto IV TWV 42:e3 - Suite IV TWV 42:E2

Concerto V TWV 42:h1 - Suite V TWV 42:a3
Concerto VI TWV 42:a2 - Suite VI TWV 42:d3

Michael Schneider, flauto di voce
Karl Kaiser, flauto traverso
Ingeborg Scheerer, violin
Sabine Lier, violin
Rainer Zipperling, violoncello / viola da Gamba
Sabine Bauer, harpsichord
Susanne Kaiser, orgue
Yasunori Imamura, lute

cpo 999 690 - 2

Georg Philipp Telemann (1681 - 1767)

Six Trios 1718

Michael Schneider, recorder
Karl Kaiser, transverse flute
Martin Stadler, oboe
Sabine Lier, violin
Ingeborg Scherer, violin
Julianne Borsodi, viola da gamba / violoncello
Christian Zincke, viola da gamba II
Yasunori Imamura, theorbo
Sabine Bauer, harpsichord / organ

jpc Best.Nr. 999 957-2

Franz Xaver Richter (1709 - 1789)

3 Flute Sonatas op.2

Sonata for Flute, Violoncello and Harpsichord in D major
Sonata for Flute, Violoncello and Fortepiano in A major
Sonata for Flute, Violoncello and Harpsichord in G major

Karl Kaiser, Transverse Flute
Sabine Bauer, Harpsichord / Fortepiano
Rainer Zipperling, Violoncello

cpo 999 440-2

A masterful performance. Fanfare (USA) 6/97
Karl Kaiser´s range of articulation is impressive. BBC Music Magazine 6/97